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Crisis in Tigray: Vague national dialogue

Source: Lamis Elsharqawy, Ahram Online | Thursday 26 Aug 2021 This September a national dialogue commences in Ethiopia to address grievances that have destabilised the


Tigray forces in Ethiopia support ‘negotiated end’ to war

Source: CARA ANNA, Associated Press | Aug. 26, 2021 NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The leader of Tigray forces in Ethiopia has expressed the commitment to a


What happened in Rwanda is exactly happening Tigrai

በአማርኛ ለማንበብ In 1994 a genocide happened in Rwanda. In just 100 days, more than 800,000 civilians, primarily Tutsi, were killed by ethnic Hutu extremists.


Amhara Militia Vowing to Destroy Tigrai.

Tigrai (she) let alone me, you know her. She has no capacity. We are her power. We are her capacity. We are her advisers; we


‹‹ቤተክርስትያን ውስጥ ከሆነ ቤተክርስትያኑ ይመታል፣ ህዝብ በለው ወጣት በለው ይመታል አብሮ፡፡ ቀልድ የለም፣ መመታት አለበት›› – አንድ የኢትዮጵያ ጄነራል

‹‹ህዝብ ይሁን ቤተክርስትያ ይመታል፣ ይደበደባል – የኢትጵያ ጄነራል ሚስጥራዊ ሰነድካሁን በኃላ ይመታል፡፡ ቤተክርስትያን ውስጥ ከሆነ ቤተክርስትያኑ ይመታል፣ መሳርያ ከያዘ ጋር ተቀላቅሎ የሚመጣ ህዝብ በለው ወጣት


Intelligence Chief Vows To Eliminate TPLF, Followers of Its Ideologies; Ramp Up Critic Against Foreign Countries

Source: Addis Standard August 25, 2021 Temesgen Tiruneh, the Director General of the National intelligence and Security Service (NISS), has this morning, vowed to eliminate


A Leaked Document: Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia

Source: TGHAT DELEGATION OF THE EUROPEAN UNION TO ETHIOPIA  Subject: ETHIOPIA – Overview August 14 – 20: Both sides remain convinced that a  military victory


Turkey: the Mother of Genocides has cleansed Yazidis, Armenians, and now Tigrayans

Turkey has the history of carrying genocides. During World War I, the Turkish Army carried out mass atrocities against Armenian civilians in Kars and Alexandropol.

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How Ethiopia’s conflict has affected farming in Tigray

Source: The Conversation Since fighting broke out in November 2020 between the Tigrayan regional government and the Ethiopian army, the conflict has wreaked havoc on the lives


Banks Pitch In to Help Finance Ethiopian Government’s War Effort

Source: Bloomberg Banks, businesses and civil servants in Ethiopia poured millions of dollars into state coffers to help fund the government’s fight against dissidents in