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Intelligence Chief Vows To Eliminate TPLF, Followers of Its Ideologies; Ramp Up Critic Against Foreign Countries

Source: Addis Standard August 25, 2021 Temesgen Tiruneh, the Director General of the National intelligence and Security Service (NISS), has this morning, vowed to eliminate


Turkey: the Mother of Genocides has cleansed Yazidis, Armenians, and now Tigrayans

Turkey has the history of carrying genocides. During World War I, the Turkish Army carried out mass atrocities against Armenian civilians in Kars and Alexandropol.


Ethiopia: Ethnic Tigrayans Forcibly Disappeared

Discriminatory Arrests, Detentions, Business Closures in Addis Ababa Source: Human Rights Watch (Nairobi) – Ethiopian authorities since late June 2021 have arbitrarily detained, forcibly disappeared, and committed other

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What ‘Rape as a Weapon of War’ in Tigray Really Means

Source: Readers are cautioned that this article contains disturbing accounts of sexual violence. Since the on-going war in Tigray, Ethiopia began in early November 2020, reports have

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In Sudan, Tigrayans fear the worst as bodies wash up in river

Source: France24 Wad al-Hiliou (Sudan) (AFP) In an east Sudan town, Tigrayan Gabratansay Gabrakhristos panics whenever his phone rings: it could be grim news of