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Life is all about making fun.

When you fall short of tongue

A German girl married a Spanish man & went to Spain. She can’t speak Spanish. Each time she wants to buy chicken legs, she would lift her skirt & show her thighs to enable the seller understand her. This went on for sometime. One day she wanted to buy banana. …

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A black guy & a white lady

A black guy was travelling on a plane.. beside him was a white lady sitting with her monkey. The black guy later went to the toilet and on his way back to his seat, he saw that his plastic bag, full of bananas, was empty. . . He asked the …

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A Girl Farted and then…

A girl was going in front of a boy. At some distance, the boy overtook her and started waking a bit ahead. When the boy was not too far, the girl suddenly farted. Fighting with his emotions of laugh, surprise and shame, the boy rolled his eyes back to her …

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Lost & Found Boy

A man was always insulting president Id Amin Dada (of Uganda) every time he saw him on the TV. He says to his kid things like “this man is a killer, a savage, a beast, etc.”. Through time, the kid already associated Id Amin Dada with the worst things his …

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Big Dick Pranks

Women pervert on fake bulge which proves that women are also pervs just like us men are. This video does not intend to expose anyone in any way. IN NO WAY it is directed against women. It´s a social experiment, no more.

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