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Who we really are…

Empowering our society with real global developments and informing the world about our amazing society is the gap are tiredlessly trying to bridge.

Adiabo is owned and operated by young visionary professionals of digital media based in Tigrai, East Africa. At Adiabo, we are dedicated to inform you. News come to you as is. We provide you hot news as they are told and leave the decision to you. We don’t interfere with your judgements.

We aspire to gain your attention and serve you better. We can’t do that all alone. Your contributions, comments and feedbacks are springboards for us to provide more.

Our Growing News Network

Adiabo is owned and operated by a network of professionals around the globe who stay tuned to grab development and bring it to you in simple, understandable writings. But we still would be glad to hear from you too. We want you to be part of our stories.

The Professional Publishing Platform

Contribute to us and we’ll pass it to our society. Empowering our society about global changes and informing the world about our amazing society is the gap we’re always dedicated to bridge.

Be part of our volunteer clubs and contribute any information you can.

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