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In 1994 a genocide happened in Rwanda. In just 100 days, more than 800,000 civilians, primarily Tutsi, were killed by ethnic Hutu extremists. As many as 2,000,000 Rwandans, both Hutu and Tutsi, fled, most of them into eastern Zaire. The world was shocked by the cruelty and vowed ‘Never Again’. But here, among many other genocide that happened after the Rwandan, 27 years later a fresh genocide happened and is happening in Tigrai.

What happened in #Rwanda is exactly happening #Tigrai

…very few of the resemblances.

  • Tutsi (Tigrians) were frequently attacked
  • They were sidelined and neglected of their rights
  • Tutsis were labeled #cockroached and the Tigrians #Junta or #tigrigna_speakers
  • In Rwanda Genocide, pastors and other religious leaders played a flamming role as it exactly true for the Ethiopian religious leaders of different religious, who blessed and financed the genocide in Tigrai.
  • Government soldiers were street-gang members who joined the parties for free drugs and alcohol.
  • President Habyarimana’s own political party (just like the National Movement for Amhara) organized a youth movement called the #Interahamwe (as in our case the #Fano). The interahamwe attracted thousands of homeless kids, and many of its members were trained to fight and kill by government-army soldiers (just like the Ethiopian Defense Forces and Amhara Special Forces).
  • The Interahamwe (Fano) wore baggy print shirts of bright red, yellow, and green that resembles the flag of their political party. They block roads, stop buses, ask for IDs, and attack Tutsis. This is what it exactly is true for the Amhara’s Fano.
  • Both Hutus and Amhara Fanos blamed Tutsis and Tegaru for all their failures and incompetencies, respectively.
  • The national radio broadcasted little more than hate propaganda. The announcers claimed that the rebel soldiers lived in the forests like animals, ate human flesh, and consorted with monkeys. They said that the rebels had become so evil that horns had sprouted from their heads.
  • The perpetrators had #RTLM radio like #ESAT tv (+Amhara and state Media). RTLM was little more than a radical hate machine, spewing out anti-Tutsi venom. The Amhara and Ethiopian media were by far hate machines.
  • Genocide was state-sponsored.
  • The bodies of Tutsis were thrown into rivers, with their killers saying they were being sent back to Ethiopia he Tutsi are said to have come from Ethiopia. This happened at Mahbere Dego, Tigrai, corps thrown off cliffs by Ethiopian soldiers and in Human bodies thown of bridges into Tekeze river by Amhara Militia and Fano.
  • When the two genocides happen, the UN, AU, UNSC and all other international communities kept quiet in both instances. In fact some memebers of the communities were seen to side the perpetrators.
  • The perpetrating regime of Rwanda is said to have imported 581 tons of machetes into Rwanda. In Ethiopia 186,240 machetes were caught up in a single customs instance some months ago. Assume how many have already made it to the hands of the killers. Today, the national media are calling people to comeout and Kill Tigrians with any kind of tool, including matchets. Its very common to see people vowing to kill on the national Tvs holding machets.
  • The financier of the Rwandan genocide was Rwandan Félicien Kabuga, a businessman, who imported the machetes. Machetes in Ethiopia for Tigrai genocide were imported by the sesame exporter Werku Aytenew.
  • Both perpetrators used rape as a weapon of war. An estimated 100,000-250,000 women were raped during the three months of genocide in Rwanda in 1994. In the same way, more than 150,000 women are estimated to have been raped. Since the war is not over, the exact statstics is yet to be conducted.
  • The Tutsi had #RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front), like #TDF. RTF was blackmailed. RPF ended the Rwandan genocide, just like what TDF is doing.

There are many more resemblances if one takes a close look at both scenarios.



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