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The Invention of Lying

At the beginning, there was no lie.

It was a world where everyone tells the truth – and just about anything they’re thinking.

A desperate man who was recently obliged to leave his job was unable to pay for his $800 residence rent. Despite his repeated trials to acquire any kind of job, he failed to get one.

He was told to leave the house in a few days. He hopelessly went to withdraw the last $300 he had in his bank account. A very polite request of the bank teller infront of him brought him back to the present from his deep thoughts.

“What can I help you sir?”
Cleaning his throat, “I want to withdraw some money from my account”
“Ok” said the teller, “our system is down due to power interruption, please tell me how much you want to withdraw?”

The man was almost shaking. He was torn in between telling what had in his account and what he wanted to pay the rent. Some power pushed him from inside and suddenly said “$800, madam”

The teller soon dragged her drawer, and counted $800. While she was preparing to hand him, the power came in and so does the system.
“Ohhh nice, the system is back, let me check” said this young teller and checked her computer. The man was nearly sweating from fear that she’ll know his actual deposite and will go to another trouble.

“I’m sorry sir, our system shows only $300 in your account” a moment of silence followed. “Please,” she broke the silence, “Please, we ask your apology for the inconvenience, we’ll try to work in or system to make it more reliable” said the teller and gave him the $800 with a big smile.

Human beings were more reliable than the machines they made before this man suddenly invented the first lie. There was no name for it by then, and he was misunderstood for long time, like every other inventor.

Every time he tried to explaiin what he did to get the extra money, he ended loosing hope. It has no name, nor definition, after all.

Then this man went one step ahead of his counterparts and used this opportunity as a source of income. He gathers his friends and tells them that God told him to collect a $100 from each of them and bring him back. Everybody believed him. There was no lie, only he was aware of it. He collects money from anyone he came by for God, and takes it to himself.

He was very happy as anybody in his place would be. Lying can sometimes make you happy. Who said happiness comes only from the truth.

Since then, we are waiting for the re-invention of the first truth, if it can make us happy at all.

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