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Dig where the gold is,…

Love alone is enough to hold a couple together. And if it is true, I mean true love, it will definitely last to death. Nothing else additional element is required to keep it in place. It’s something that originates from within and dies in there. It’s not something explainable.

At times of relationship where love is not enough to keep two lovers or households together, then there is nothing you can do afterwards.

When you fall in love, fall freely, and tell the people you love that you love them at all opportunities before it’s too late. If you want to take your relationship a step further, like marrying the one you love, then marry them and live the life of your dream.

When doing so, your decision should consider only one thing, love. Love alone is enough. Make sure it will take you as far as you planned to go. Many people lack confidence on the level of love and its ability to bind them to the end when deciding to marry. Then what they do is support it with legal documents like marriage certificate and eye witnesses.

That’s wrong!

Neither a marriage certificate, eye witnesses, nor a law institution has saved a marriage. If you want to live a happy married life, make sure love reins your relationship. Only love, the true love, can do that. If some of your confidence believes in incorporating legal stuff, then how do you differentiate it from business partnership? The law can only save your ownership of common property. It will only let you take half of the wealth, not the love you shared.

Make sure your love sustains free of accessories and auxiliaries. The diamond ring and the marriage certificate etc. will only complicate things and prolong the process.

In the history of marriage there were societies whose custom orders the bridegroom to travel the village carrying his wife to express his love and interest in marrying her. If your man truly loves you, he’ll do anything; I mean anything you can imagine, for you throughout your life without being a member of that society. The same is true with the brides.

When you love someone truly, you become blind of all other people, all comments forwarded to you, all rumors, hearsays, and gossips about you and your ‘madness’. That’s why you are always ready to do all good things to please your loved one, of course if you truly love them.

In love, everything is possible, and there is nothing you hesitate from doing to the happiness of your loved one. It’s not because it is stated in the law, it’s from within. If nothing right comes from within, nothing external can make a difference. It will only worsen things, however, severe a punishment may apply.

So, dig where the gold is, unless you want some exercise.

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