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“I still live at home, and my boyfriend and I were hooking up in the living room. I was pretty sure we cleaned up afterward. But three days later, my mom texted me a pic of the condom wrapper and wrote in all capital letters: No sex on the family couch. I was with my boyfriend when she sent it, and we were both totally embarrassed. He vowed never to come to the house again.” — Ashia T., 24, Model, Brooklyn, NY


“There was this beautiful guy in one of my classes — I had a huge crush from the moment I saw him at Welcome Week. I’d sit across from him and stare, and I even told my mom about him. Finally, I saw him outside our classroom building and decided to take the opportunity to talk to him and ask about our professor’s assignment. I was wearing ripped jeans, and the rip was up high, near my crotch. He was way ahead of me, so I had to run after him, and as I was calling his name, the rip in my jeans got caught on a piece of scaffolding. It ripped up sideways, completely exposing my underwear — and it cut up my skin so I was bleeding. He glanced back, said ‘Oof,’ and kept walking. I was mortified.” — Haley S., 20


“My husband’s BFF stayed over our place one night. In the morning, we heard the front door slam, so we assumed his best friend had left. Since he was gone, we proceeded to have super-loud sex — with lots of dirty talk. When I went downstairs after he was standing there, looking very awkward. Turned out, he’d only stepped outside to check the weather, and the door blew shut when he came back in. Apparently, he’d heard everything!” — Karla L., 30


I was staying at Michael’s family’s house — and meeting his parents — for the first time. One day when Michael and I had gotten back from being out, his mom met us at the door and said in a very serious voice that she had to tell me something. Apparently, his parents’ goldendoodle, Tiger, had gotten into my room, found a pair of my underwear, and eaten it. If that wasn’t bad enough, the dog proceeded to throw up the underwear in Michael’s mom’s bedroom! When I found out his mom had seen my panties… I wanted to die!” — Elizabeth C., 23, student, Dallas, TX, with Michael S., 25, talent agent, Los Angeles, CA.


At Starbucks, I grabbed my drink, and after taking a few sips, I realized it wasn’t mine. I put it back on the counter, and then the person whose beverage it was picked it up and left with it. I never said anything.” — Faith R., 20


“I met this hot football player on campus, and after a few weeks of heavy flirtation, we hooked up one night on the 50-yard line of our school’s field. Midway through, campus security guards showed up and shined their flashlights all over us. We bolted before they could get too close, climbing over the fence and making a fast getaway. Talk about a running back.” — Kylie S., 22


“I’d been dating this Brazilian guy, and I really wanted to impress him and his family. He put me on FaceTime with his mom, and I’d practiced saying, ‘Thank you for raising an amazing man — I’m the happiest woman in the world.’ I royally screwed it up and wound up saying, ‘I’m a happy yellow planet’ in Portuguese. She must have thought I was a total nut.” — Leah S., 19, student, Jacksonville, FL


“I slept with a guy who ghosted me afterward. I put his picture on my Snapchat Story and added the caption, ‘Sleeps with people and then won’t respond to texts,’ to call him out.” — Jessica H., 25


“During my senior year of high school, I begged this girl I was crushing on to come watch my basketball practice. Afterward, we were talking, and one of my teammates ran over and pulled my pants down. I was butt naked. He definitely knew that it would be easy to pants me and expose everything, since I had just showered and put on shorts without boxers, while next to him in the locker room. So, there I was, in the middle of the parking lot, with everything hanging out, swinging in the wind. She yelled, ‘Oh my god!’ I couldn’t even look at her after that.” — Jay Ellis, Insecure


Source: Cosmopolitan

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