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… born on the 4th of September 1984 in a remote area at the low lands of north-western Tigray, northern Ethiopia, the so-called ሓራ መሬት ትግራይ (Hara Meret Tigrai – Free Land of Tigrai), I grew up as a cowboy, keeping herds as everybody at my age and area does.

… life has many faces and ever since my childhood, I have seen all extremities. I had days darker than nights, lonely days with no one to speak to. Days of empty-pocketed, nowhere to hang around, and as a result of which, invalid visions. Nights gloomy than the hell and all this was supposed to mean life. I have punished my feelings once and several times. I had times that I really thought God shouldn’t consider them as I ever had lived but, may be, as an apprenticeship to life. There were years that I forgot what it feels like to smile. All I tried to be on my worst behavior and then again on my best one, neither one worked. The good thing is nothing stands still! Everything passes as though it had never been.

This page is under development and if my life lessons could be of any use to any body, I’m going to tell what happened to my life, what happened to my dreams, what happened to my expectations.


Professionally, I’m an electrical engineer and computer maintenance expert, website & mobile app developer, photographer and graphic editor, and an author and a freelance writer.  With more than a decade years of experience, I’ve now a good reputation among my customers, business partners and friends. Anyone in need of any service related to the above skills can undoubtedly rely on my services and contract me.


For any inquiries, I can be reached at andexgg@gmail.com

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