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Under The Banana Tree

A young man was sitting relaxed under a banana tree. Eating a banana fruit that fall from the tree, he was enjoying the beautiful green scenery and the slow cold air flowing past him.

Another man came to him and soon started conversation after exchanging short greetings.

“Why don’t you go to work instead of lying under the banana tree the whole day?” Asked the other man.

The man answered in a relaxed mood “Why should I go to work?”

“Why go to work? You go to work so that you will get paid and get rich” answered the other man.

Soon with the same stable mood the young man inquired “Why should I get rich?”

“Well you get rich, buy a house and a car, eat right, and then relax”

The young man smiled and answered “What the hell do you think am I doing here?”
Moral of the story

You see, the ultimate preach of that man was …and then relax. But lucky enough, the young man was already relaxing. He was having his best time. If you can enjoy with the smallest thing in life today, why wait for the biggest once that may or may not come tomorrow.

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