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Crazy Coincidences – happen

There are times we think crazy. One crazy day, I made a crazy thing and it turned out to be good.

I logged in to my Facebook account. I had many notifications. When I opened them, 35 of my friends are celebrating their birthday. I scrolled down to see how many of them were my close friends.

To your surprise, 5 of them were of the same age. Three of them know each other. I picked up my phone, dialed to one of them. After wishing him a happy birthday, I told him there are 5 more friends of mine in Facebook whose age equals to his.

This was the time I thought of the craziest thing. I said to him, “Look, you already know three of them. The other two are my friends, a boy and a girl. Why don’t you call to the girl, wish her a happy birthday and tell her the coincidence.

He agreed and I gave him her number with a warning not to tell her that I gave him her number. Since then, I’ve never heard of them for three solid years, until one day, I suddenly met the two in a night club. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Thanks to the alcohol they drunk, they both told me the whole thing. They were dating for the last three whole years; fall in love with each other and introduced their families. They even have decided to marry the next year. He didn’t tell her, as promised, where he got her number. It was the night of confession; I apologized and told her then. He, too, confessed that he was two years older than his Facebook age.

This small unintentional deed resulted in a long time relationship between the two.

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